End-of-year Concert

Family, friends and supporters of Lismore City Concert Band are invited to join us for our end-of-year concert

When: Monday, 19 December, 5 pm.
Where: Band Rotunda, Spinks Park, Lismore

Audience – we recommended that you bring chair or blanket to sit on the grass.

Band members, please to bring a plate for sharing after the concert.

(Note: if weather inclement, we will move into the CWA rooms near the Rotunda.)

See you there!spinks_park_rotunda_lismore

Reunion Day fun!


The Lismore City Concert Band has been supporting the Lismore community for a long time now, since John Allen founded it in 1979. This year we got together members, new and old, to remember some of the good, funny and successful times.

The day started with the committee members arriving early to set up a display of our rich history. Certificates of thanks from businesses or event participation, trophies from various eisteddfods and events, many photos of the band throughout the years (both professional and some great personal photos) and some of our instruments on display.

Then current and ex-members started arriving, as well as our invited guests – some of the band’s previous musical directors.

cake     mark

We celebrated with some champagne and snacks, and the current LCCB Committee President, Mark Lindbergh gave a short speech before the five present ex-directors cut the cake.five (From Left-Right: Heath Florey, John Allen, Marian Web, Ben van Kleef, and Glen Kellet)

After everyone had caught up with each other, enjoyed the cake and had a chance to look at the display we moved into the Concert Room where the current band was joined by some of the past members, and each of the conductors led us in a few of their favorites.

John Allen: Black & White Army, Washington Post and Lustspiel
Heath Florey: Procession of the Sadar
Marian Web: Stray Cat Strut
Glen Kellet: Hogan’s Heroes
Ben van Kleef: When the Stars Begin to Fall, Collumbia:Gem of the Ocean


Finally we ended the day by joining the Lismore Lantern Parade and marching from the Memorial Bars across town to Oaks Oval.

Ex-members can join us for the Lantern Parade March!


WHAT: LCCB is marching in the Lantern Parade following our Reunion.
WHERE: Meeting at the Lismore Skate Park (here), then joining the Lantern Parade and Marching across town
WHEN: 5.30pm meeting Saturday June 25th
WHO: All welcome to join us (inc. ex-members etc who couldn’t make reunion day)
WEARING: All black – so we can wear the costumes over the top.
PLAYING: When the saints go marching by, Down by the riverside, Little light of mine (contact us for music if you need it)

**If you couldn’t make the reunion feel free to still join us for the march, we would love to have you!!

Upcoming Reunion

Lismore City Concert Band has been around for almost 40 years now, and this year we are celebrating with a reunion.

The event will be on Saturday June 25 from 1.30-4pm, upstairs in the NR Conservatorium concert room.

The Lismore City Concert Band has been running since 1979.

All past members, friends associates are very welcome to come. We’ll be having an afternoon catch-up including a play of some old favorites (which you’re welcome to just watch, or join in on), and then following our reunion event the LCCB will be marching in the Lismore Lantern Parade – which again, anyone is welcome to join us for.

We will be meeting at the Lismore Skate Park at 5.30pm for the march.


Let us know if you’re thinking of coming here or contact us for any questions here.

(More details coming soon!)

Band Enrichment Day a success!


The enrichment day went off like a blast. Everyone had fun and we played some great music.

A special thanks to our tutors Julius Hoffstetter, James Harvey, Claire Axman, Rex Carter and of course our Band Director Ben van Kleef.

We played through several favorite songs such as Washington Post, Oom Pah Pah, Procession of the Sardar, as well as a few movie themes and some of our Australian set. All in all  we sight-read through around 12-15 pieces, some with more laughter than skill, but by the end of the day they were all sounding pretty good.

The day was broken into sectional rehearsals, where tutors focused on the trickier parts of some of the pieces (though in general for the day everyone’s sight reading was very good!), and group sections with the full band.


The band sounded great. Especially our afternoon group rehearsal. Everyone had sorted out the major bugs and the pieces were sounding very solid. It was particularly nice having a really big bass-section, some of the usual rehearsal scores sounded extra special with the extra oomph.

Finally in the afternoon we all changed into our bright colours and black long pants (despite the heat) and headed up to SCU to perform for the Relay for Life event. Unfortunately there were a few clashes with the MC for the event, however the band handled it quite professionally and we didn’t let it ruin our fun!

We all had an excellent day and are looking forward to possible future repetitions.

Some more photos have gone up on our facebook group – if you were there and took any photos then add them to the folder or contact us to send them through to us to share.




Band Enrichment Day (Open to all!)

In some very exciting news Lismore City Concert Band is having a Band Enrichment Day and Charity Concert on Saturday April 2, from 9am-6pm.

The cost is only $18 per participant, and the concert band is providing music scores, tutors, conductors… as well as included morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

The event is being run thanks to a grant provided by the Lismore City Council as well as the venue generously donated by the Northern Rivers Conservatorium.

It will be held during the day at Conservatorium (Crn Keen st and Magellan st, Lismore), but will finish with an afternoon concert at 5pm Southern Cross University, where participants will donate their time to provide entertainment for the Lismore Relay For Life event.


The invitation is open to players of ALL ages who play concert band instruments: brass, woodwind and percussion. It is an excellent opportunity for players to increase their band skills and endurance, as well as meet fellow musicians from the region. Throughout the day, players will participate in a range of tutti sessions as well as sectionals facilitated by various music tutors.

Participants will need to provide their own transport to the Conservatorium at the start of the day, and to SCU in the afternoon, where they will perform in front of a substantial audience.

As the Relay for Life event is to be held out of doors, should there be wet weather the contingency plan is to hold the performance in the concert room of the Conservatorium.

If you are interested or want some further information please contact us with any questions or to get a schedule of the day and registration form.

The more participants, the better the day will be. This event is a community driven event and we welcome any and all who are interested, so come and join us for what is looking to be a great day!

Band plays Lismore Australia Day

At this year’s Lismore Australia Day Ceremony, the Lismore City Concert Band enjoyed the best view of proceedings from centre stage at City Hall. The event kicked off with a rousing rendition of the national anthem to accompany the flag raising ceremony. The Band was called upon a number of times throughout the morning, providing some Australian tunes to help welcome 23 new Australians in the Australia day Citizenship Ceremony and to give thanks to those receiving this year’s Australia Day Awards. Another exciting opportunity for the Band to share music with our community.

Thanks to Paul Tuthill, official photographer on the day, for generously providing this beautiful shot.

LCCB Aust Day 2016_Paul Tuthill photography

Casual Christmas Concert a Cracker!

With the year drawing to a close the LCCB has been looking forward to our annual Christmas concert. It is a slightly informal affair, as we celebrate not only Christmas, but also our  achievements for the year of 2015 too. We had been carefully honing our skill under the eye and baton of our musical director Ben van Kleef, and were all keen to play the last performance for the year.


The performance was a success with many laughs and Christmas cheer. We played an hour set, including sing-a-longs of some well loved Christmas carols and a guessing-the-country game on our rendition of Jingle Bells Around the World (with several short jingle-bells-isk sections in styles such as German waltz, Chinese pentatonic and Russian Polka).

There was also a short awards ceremony for the players and thank yous to Ben van Kleef and the NR Conservatorium, and the draw for the Christmas Raffle.

We had a great evening and we hope our audience did too. The LCCB wishes you all a very merry Christmas and a musical New Year!

Excellent Show!

This last Saturday morning we had an excellent day at the Lismore Show.


It was a bit of a drizzly day down at the showgrounds, but other than a light sprinkle half way through playing Liberty Bell the rain mostly held off for us until after we had finished. We were on early in the morning and started off to a quiet audience however as the music came, so did the crowd. P1030782 copy We played an hour set including the crowd pleasing Oom Pah Pah and one of our new favorites Procession of the Sadar.
It was a fun day, with a great performance, even if the rain did catch some of us later in the afternoon.