The LCCB Committee is dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for the band … We meet approximately once per school term to discuss how the Band’s finances, equipment & membership is faring + future performances & fundraising ventures.  You do not need to be a musical player to be part of the Committee – just a lover of music & community!

Elected LCCB COMMITTEE 2023 (to be updated):

President  ~ 
Vice President  ~
Secretary  ~ 
Treasurer  ~ 
Band Manager  ~  
Publicity Officer  Toni Begley & Jessica Lowe  [shared position]
Public Officer  ~  
Librarian  ~  [void]
Committee Members  ~

Band Director [appointed position]  ~  Ben van Kleef


IMAGE:  2019 Committee members run a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Lismore every year to raise funds for the Band [2018].