Casual Christmas Concert a Cracker!

With the year drawing to a close the LCCB has been looking forward to our annual Christmas concert. It is a slightly informal affair, as we celebrate not only Christmas, but also our  achievements for the year of 2015 too. We had been carefully honing our skill under the eye and baton of our musical director Ben van Kleef, and were all keen to play the last performance for the year.


The performance was a success with many laughs and Christmas cheer. We played an hour set, including sing-a-longs of some well loved Christmas carols and a guessing-the-country game on our rendition of Jingle Bells Around the World (with several short jingle-bells-isk sections in styles such as German waltz, Chinese pentatonic and Russian Polka).

There was also a short awards ceremony for the players and thank yous to Ben van Kleef and the NR Conservatorium, and the draw for the Christmas Raffle.

We had a great evening and we hope our audience did too. The LCCB wishes you all a very merry Christmas and a musical New Year!

Drum roll please! The raffle winners are…

Our Christmas concert (more on that here) went off with a blast, but of course we can’t forget the Christmas Raffle draw as well.

Thank you again to all those businesses that have supported us throughout the year, and here especially to those who gave donations for our Christmas prize-pool. We raised an impressive $1378.30, which we look forward to putting towards further enriching the Lismore City Concert Band for it’s members and the Lismore community.

Now, without further ado, congratulations to the following raffle winners:

  1. E13 Blue: Morrow
  2. E43 Blue: Geoff@Goanna
  3. C67 Black: Letitia Scott
  4. E86 Blue: Jon Shatwell
  5. C88 Purple: Margaret Louise
  6. C29 Orange: Kerri Woods
  7. E67 Black: Amy Chapman
  8. F66 Orange: Leonie Lane
  9. C13 Purple: Amy Chapman
  10. E28 Black: Lisa Read
  11. E49 Purple: Sam
  12. F4 Green: Dirk
  13. C35 Red: Gayl Feros
  14. C74 Black: ill Scott
  15. E39 Purple: Paul