10/10 for 1st Rehearsal back! :-)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

On Monday 18th October we had 10 musicians at rehearsal ….

  • 3 saxaphones [tenor & alto]
  • 2 clarinets
  • apologies from 1 flute, 1 french horn, & 2 other clarinets 😦 [returning either next week or 1Dec]
  • 1 trumpet
  • 1 baritone
  • 1 trombone
  • 1 tuba
  • 1 conductor/musical director

…. Not bad for 1st night back amidst pandemic-induced vax rules & stormy weather …. And how gooood it felt to be playing together again!

After chit-chat, setup & quick catchup, from 6pm we played the following pieces, with the usual starts & stops + final proper play-through:

  • Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
  • Little Brown Jug << Variations of
  • Coventry Carol
  • Deck the Halls with Old Composers

See you again NEXT week: Monday 25th October

5.45pm for 6pm start [see our last 16thOct blogpost for details re: current participation criteria, thanks]

STOP PRESS!!   Band rehearsals are ON again!! :-)

Post-lockdown restart of rehearsals means that we have to stick to the ‘Double-Vaxxed only’ rule from 18th Oct 2021 until 1st December 2021, after which no such restrictions will apply … What this is all means is that we still need to do QR checkins, sanitise hands, bring our own clean cloth for water emissions ... but ADDITIONALLY, the Uni wants to know how many of us to expect after-hours, so please text our dear band leader, Ben, on 0432 575 911, or email our secretary, Letitia, at secretary.lismore.concertband@gmail.com, to let either of them know of your intention to arrive [so that they may in turn advise SCU of total numbers].  Thanks in advance for your understanding & cooperation, as we are obliged to follow the conditions outlined by our host, Southern Cross Uni, as well as current State regulations, + we want everyone to be well.  … EITHER WAY!  Get practising, ‘coz soon you can be making sweet harmonies with us regardless of your current vax-status or other health concerns. Can’t stop the music!  🙂