2018 EVENTS …

F e b r u a r y

MONDAY  5th Feb  ~  TERM 1:  2018 REHEARSALS Commence!

  • 5pm-7pm .. UPstairs @ the CON  [in the Concert Room]
  • Continues on most Mondays until 9th April, then breaks for NSW school hols
  • Can’t make all of that time slot but can come to HALF of it? No probs … several members come to either the 1st or 2nd half — don’t let yourself miss out for that reason.


  • 12pm-2pm
  • Southern Cross University [Lismore Campus, plaza]

A p r i l

MONDAY  23rd April  ~  Extra special REHEARSAL

  • 4pm-7pm … UPstairs @ the CON  [in the Concert Room] – OK to turn up 5pm
  • In preparation for our ANZAC Day gigs, we’ll be holding a special extra rehearsal during the school hols in our usual rehearsal space … Come for the earlier time if you can, otherwise we’ll see you when you can get there.


  • 9am for 9.30 performance @ ANZAC CENOTAPH [outside Memorial Baths pool] – we will play 3-4 songs at different times throughout the event .. Please dress warmly in your black & white clothes [collars preferred for ties].
  • 11am for 11.30am performance @ LISMORE WORKERS’ CLUB Auditorium [Keen St] – we will play two sets: 11.30am-12.15pm followed by 12.45am-1.30pm – same uniform as earlier – tell your friends – this is a very special opportunity to show the community our dedication & skill.

MONDAY  30th April  ~  TERM 2:  2018 REHEARSALS Continue …

  • 5pm-7pm … UPstairs @ the CON  [in the Concert Room]
  • Continues on most Mondays – we only ever break for public holidays & for NSW school hols
  • Can’t make all of that time slot but can come to HALF of it? No probs … several members come to either the 1st or 2nd half — don’t let yourself miss out for that reason.

M a y


  • 7.15pm  [straight after our usual Monday night rehearsal]
  • Northern Rivers Conservatorium [upstairs]
  • PIZZA will be provided 🙂
  • We will keep the formalities (such as presentation of our 2017 Annual Report*) to a minimum so that no-one is bored! 😉  All existing Committee positions will then be declared VACANT  & then those positions will re-elected, hopefully with some fresh energy.  New members very welcome! 🙂
  • * the ANNUAL REPORT will outline our ACHIEVEMENTS from the past year & our PLANS/GOALS/DREAMS for the coming year.

Winter sometime!  ~  BUNNINGS SAUSAGE SIZZLE

  • Bunnings carpark, 28 Bruxner Hwy, South Lismore

J u n e


  • Appearing in our ‘street band’ form
  • Time?    by 5pm latest
  • Where?   Meet up near Heritage Park or come earlier to an open rehearsal session at the Con (non-band members extremely welcome)



  • A fun annual get-together with our neighbours/regional playmates, the Ballina Shire Concert Band … THIS year at their very own band hall!  🙂
  • from 10am (or help set-up 9.45am) @ 26 Swift Street, Ballina
  • Both bands will play a full set with the other band as audience; there will be a BBQ* (sausage sizzle) provided for lunch, followed by a final combined rehearsal/performance# by both bands, when we’ll learn some of each others’ tunes & play them together
  • * Players with special dietary needs (e.g. vego/gluten-free/etc) might wish to bring their own lunch (or ingredients for BBQ)
  • # This afternoon’s play-through will not be an official performance as such, but friends & family + interested members of the public are welcome to attend (especially if you’re considering joining either band).
  • More info about the Ballina Shire Concert Band can be found on their website:

O c t o b e r


  • Officially known as the North Coast National ~ a typical annual country agricultural show
  • Time?    2.40pm-3.40pm (be inside ready from 2.15pm if possible, & don’t forget that you’ll need time to find a park outside & walk from there into the showgrounds)
  • Where?   Main stage at the show (or INSIDE the PAVILLION if raining!)
  • What to wear?  Black pants + white shirt with collar (ties will be provided)


THURSDAY 8th Nov  ~  Next COMMITTEE meeting

  • 5.30pm at the Con

D e c e m b e r

MONDAY 17th Dec  ~  End-of-year CHRISTMAS CONCERT

  • 5pm for 5.30pm performance
  • Where?   Outside in the Quad if the weather’s friendly, otherwise you’ll find us inside upstairs at the Con in our usual rehearsal space, but PERFORMING!  😉
  • NOTELaurie Green will be directing/conducting the band for the last 4weeks of term (& at the final concert) because Ben Van Kleef will be away teaching kids how to read music & play brass in Uganda!  :-}



Lismore Australia Day Ceremony

  • When:  8 am-2pm, Tuesday January 26th
  • Where: Lismore City Hall

Masters Sausage Sizzle

  • When:  8am-2pm, Sunday February 14th
  • Where: Masters car park, 2 Bruxner Hwy, South Lismore

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

  • ** This is a BBQ fundraising, no performance
  • When:  9am-4pm, Sunday February 28th
  • Where: Bunnings car park, 28 Bruxner Hwy, South Lismore

Annual General Meeting

  • ** This is not a performance. Anyone is welcome to attend.
  • When:  7.30pm, Monday March 7th
  • Where: NR Conservatorium, Concert Room

Band Enrichment Day

  • ** This is a workshop day, and performance. More information here.
  • When:  Time TBC, Saturday April 2nd
  • Where: NR Conservatorium

LCCB Reunion Event

  • When:  Time TBC, Saturday June 25th
  • Where: NR Conservatorium (TBC)



  • Lismore ANZAC Day Ceremony
  • Lismore South Public School Centenary
  • Lismore Show
  • End-of-year Performance