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F e b r u a r y  /  M a r c h

Monday  22nd  F e b  ~  Term 1:  2021 REHEARSALS re-COMMENCE!! 🙂

  • NEW LOCATION! :   D.129 [D-block] at Southern Cross Uni [Lismore Campus]
  • NEW START TIME:   5.15pm* – 7pm  [setup/tune-up from 5.15pm for 5.30pm start]
  • COVID PREVENTION:  We’re legally obliged to abide by an official Plan approved by the NSW Govt designed to limit any potential spread of COVID19.  This means that all attendees at rehearsal need to either sign in via QR code at the door or provide contact details upon entry to our practice room AND sanitise appropriately AND bring a clean cloth to catch any liquid emissions from instruments.

A p r i l

  • We’re hoping to be playing at the 9am ceremony on ANZAC DAY

M a y

J u n e

Saturday  19th  June ~ 2 gigs today!


J u l y

A u g u s t

S e p t e m b e r

O c t o b e r

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