Get Ready,GO! … Well, ALmost!

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2019 BAND REHEARSALS delayed by 1 week, sorry!

Due to an enrolment glitch & the Con’s current refurbishments, our usual rehearsal space is not available tonight, so we’ve had to delay our START DATE until MONDAY 11th FEBRUARY  <<<  Mark that date in your diary/calendar & get online, as soon as you possibly can, to ENROL via the Northern Rivers Conservatorium‘s WEBSITE:  –  Please choose the ‘COMMUNITY MUSIC option & complete the form online, leaving ‘Individual Tuition’ blank & instead completing the ‘Group Tuition‘ section – No need to pay online YET the Con will send you an invoice + you can pay in person at the office [before 5pm weekdays], including the one-off ANNUAL insurance fee, usually around $22.

OTHERWISE, we’ll see you all on the 11th! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel:  i.e. 5pm-7pm UPstairs in the Conservatorium’s CONCERT ROOM [sorry, no wheelchair access, yet].

There’s more info about the enrolling process + dates for each school term etc on our CALENDAR page, & remember, there’s a special discounted ‘Familyrate available when at least one school-aged child is enrolled >>> Check out this link